Field Engineer

A gig economy platform for freelance engineers to find work and get paid. In collaboration with Academy UX & Design Thinking Studio, our goal was to build an intuitive gig-economy platform for businesses to source and manage freelance engineers, and for engineers to find, manage, and get paid for freelance gigs.


Web & Mobile App, Website

Problem & Process

Field Engineer was operating and expanding with patchy designs and unintuitive designs. With the engineer gig-economy market expanding, we were tasked with redesigning the user experience of the entire platform.

The team extensively researched marketplace driven apps, conducted user studies to highlight user painpoints and areas of opportunity for the redesign, and ran design sprints to ideate on ideas.

The Solution

For the engineers, we designed a flow that opens with a filterable marketplace personalized to your profile. For the businesses, we designed a web dashboard app, alongside a minified mobile app. Our focus on the business app was to craft a platform suitable for power users, as well as beginners. Features include bulk job posts, management widgets to easily get a birds eye perspective of the day to day.

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